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  • Employer Anti-Poaching

Employer Anti-Poaching Agreements—Allegedly Still Out There, and Still Illegal

A recent lawsuit accuses Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill of agreeing not to hire each other’s medical faculty—a so-called “anti-poaching” agreement—in order to suppress the labor market for medical school professors/personnel and keep wages law. [...]

  • Matthew Marcellino Business North Carolina

Matthew Marcellino Featured In Business North Carolina as Legal Elite

Everybody's got them — simple indulgences that help you unwind and clear your head at the end of a long day or week. This year, Business North Carolina asked our 16 Legal Elite category winners [...]

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A quick guide to alimony in North Carolina

Mention the word and people often associate alimony with dollars and a complicated process. Who pays and what is it going to cost me? How much will I receive and how is it calculated? Alimony [...]

What is ERISA, and what does it do?

What is ERISA? “ERISA” — or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act—is a law that regulates most of the benefits that you receive through your employment. For example, if your employer provides you a disability [...]

I’m Divorced. Can I Move With My Child?

Relocating with your child is not as simple as you may hope. You may have to obtain permission from the other parent and possibly the court for such relocation.  These types of cases can be [...]

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