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Life is full of complexities that are interrelated: your business, relationship and personal life connect and affect all aspects of your life.

Our mission is to insulate you from risk while always working hard to protect your best short and long term interests. If you are in need of a lawyer, odds are you have found yourself in an uncomfortable or difficult situation.

Frequently your judgement may be clouded or stressed when dealing with legal matters. This may cause you to make an impulsive decision you normally wouldn’t make which then leads to further legal expenses. Our firm does not want you to incur unnecessary legal expenses due in part to emotionally charged decisions. We would rather you spend that money on yourself, your business or your child’s 529 college account.

We offer a more holistic process for our clients. In addition to our legal services, we provide a unique service, not customarily found in a law firm, to help our clients resolve their issues and deal with them while they are happening.

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Carmella Whitehead

When you enter Marcellino & Tyson, you are walking into a new type of law firm that is thinking about your total legal health as well as your mental and emotional health. We offer our clients exceptional legal counsel and exceptional in-house therapeutic counseling.

This is why we have partnered with Carmella Whitehead, a licensed therapist and a respected thought leader in business and marriage counseling. We hope that by combining our services with her therapeutic counseling services we can save you costs and time and help you to effectively and efficiently deal with your current situation(s) in a holistic way and lead to better long term solutions.

You can trust that your confidentiality is protected. Whatever you discuss with Carmella is not disclosed to any attorney in our office without your consent. Your therapy is for you, not for our legal files. Carmella works directly out of our office in order to be more available for our clients.

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Carmella guides you through a process
of support and education

Together, we will work to:

  • Reduce your stress in life and your legal matters, as well as work to reduce your legal fees through available in-house therapy.
  • Move from feeling stuck to finding resolution, so that you can move forward with living the life you want.
  • Uncover patterns that created your struggles in a relationship and create healthy ways of relating, so that you can build lasting relationships.
  • Understand what you are experiencing and establish clear boundaries for all of your relationships, so that you are able to know what type of people you want closest to you.
  • Find out who you are and what you want from your life and relationships.
  • Process stressful events in an effective and timely manner.
Family & Relationship:
  • Communicate within your relationships
  • Build family cohesion & processing of stressful experiences
  • Learn to use your strengths to build healthy & lasting connections with family, friends, & colleagues.
  • Establish & processing new parameters in parenting with your child
  • Confront & accept your situation
  • Manage your mental, physical & financial stress surrounding your disability
  • Identify & focus on the necessities of your life
  • Learn to communicate with your family & friends
  • Communicate with your peers and work-life balance
  • Establish & maintain healthy boundaries for an enjoyable professional & work life balance
  • Provide a sense of emotional stability & clarity regarding your business
  • Uncover & understand your business growth process, change of direction & when to accept and acknowledge tough decisions that you already know to be true

Our firm cares about our clients. We strive to provide the best legal representation, but we want to provide more than just legal counseling. We want you to be emotionally and mentally healthy during this process and into the future. We chose to make therapy available to our clients to do just that. We also firmly believe that if you are mentally and emotionally healthy, your legal fees and stress in life will decrease.

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