NFL Players file lawsuit demanding workers comp benefits for CTE

Last month, more than 100 retired football players filed suit in Fort Lauderdale federal court against the National Football League regarding workers’ compensation and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The brain disease is linked to repeated head injuries, and is commonly found in professional athletes who compete in contact sports, including football.

According to the lawsuit and news reports, “The workers’ compensation relief plaintiffs are seeking will be based upon their claims that they have now become permanently and totally disabled by CTE as a result of repeated traumatic head injuries that were, in fact, sustained while they acted in the capacity of employees for the defendant.”

Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to injured employees. Workers’ compensation, like many areas of law, is very complex. The available benefits that an injured worker may be able to recover are all governed by special statutes specific to each state.

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