My Attorney is a Board-Certified Specialist – What Does That Even Mean?

During the search for an attorney, you have probably found yourself wondering who specializes in the practice area about which you’re inquiring. Most people don’t know this, but it turns out that using the word “specialist” as a lawyer is breaking bar regulation rules unless that lawyer is truly a Board Certified Specialist. Recently, attorney Jennifer Moore has earned her title as a Family Law Board-Certified Specialist and is, “honored to be considered a specialist among the others in our community to whom I have looked throughout my career as mentors and role models.”

Board Certified Specialist in Family Law



What exactly is a Board Certified Specialist? A lawyer is not able to state that they are a “specialist” of any kind unless the certification was granted by the NC State Bar, an organization accredited by the NC State Bar, an organization accredited by the American Bar Association, or another clearly identified organization. This certification signifies that that lawyer has an advanced degree of knowledge and expertise in the specialty area greater than is suggested by general licensure to practice law.

Board Certified Specialist, Jennifer Moore“I was fortunate to begin my career in family law, and even more fortunate to feel increasingly passionate about my practice throughout the last 6 ½ years. I have come to truly care deeply for my clients and the work I do for them. It felt only natural to strive to become a better family lawyer by deepening my knowledge of my field and thus providing even better service to my clients. The specialization in family law has allowed me to grow as a family lawyer and will ensure I continue to do so throughout my career.”

Jennifer began her time here as an associate attorney practicing exclusively in the area of family law. Her aggressiveness and willingness to fight for her clients was recognized by Matt Marcellino and Bryan Tyson, who quickly made her Senior Associate Attorney, overseeing all family law cases. After months of continuing to excel, Jennifer became a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and has now joined Matt and Bryan as a partner of the firm. She hopes to continue to grow in her practice and be a strong advocate for those going through a difficult period in life.

At Marcellino & Tyson, we aim to quickly neutralize your situation and set you up with the best resolution for your future success. Having a Board Certified Family Law Specialist in-office allows us to do just that. Jennifer’s expertise and knowledge of the practice of family law also influences other attorneys in the office and encourages them to strive to provide even better service to our clients. When asked if she notices a difference in her way of practice since receiving her specialization, her answer seemed reassuring: “I absolutely believe that my practice has benefitted from becoming a Specialist in Family Law. I have a greater depth of knowledge of this area of law, which has allowed me to represent my clients with a higher degree of skill and expertise.” Congratulations Jennifer on your well-deserved specialization. We look forward to what’s ahead for Marcellino & Tyson!

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