Mediation in the Time of the Coronavirus


COVID-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic……oh my! What do I do now?By Deborah DilmanWe’ve all been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic since the beginning of March. After the rush for toilet paper, other paper products, and food staples, we have now moved into life at home, practicing social distancing and generally staying inside. We now have a lot [...]

Mediation in the Time of the Coronavirus2020-04-08T13:26:43-04:00

We are Facing a Global Pandemic


And It’s the Perfect Time to Mediate Your Family Law Case. By Deborah Dilman The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has, to say the least, caused disruption in the legal world, not to mention ordinary, everyday life for all citizens. Even at our firm, we have begun working remotely for the indefinite future. I [...]

We are Facing a Global Pandemic2020-03-26T15:05:15-04:00