Is an Operating Agreement Required for North Carolina LLCs?


The answer is technically No, but we’ll get to that. Before we get to the matter at hand, you should know that it’s fairly easy to create an LLC in North Carolina.  Once you’ve picked the name of your LLC, do a quick search on the Secretary of State’s (NCSOS) website to make sure [...]

Is an Operating Agreement Required for North Carolina LLCs?2022-04-27T10:32:48-04:00

Child Custody Modification in North Carolina


Custodial Modification in North Carolina North Carolina typically favors 50/50 joint custody between two parents unless extenuating circumstances prevent it. Once custody has been awarded in a court order, modification can be a bit difficult. Below are some things to consider when attempting to modify child custody. Consider the reasons for modification. Reasons for requesting [...]

Child Custody Modification in North Carolina2021-07-26T09:21:11-04:00

Severance and WeWork Founder


Severance for WeWork Founder Has Some Good Reminders Most people took notice when WeWork recently offered Adam Neumann, the co-founder, former CEO, and current Chairman of the Board, a severance package reportedly worth $1.7 billion in stock, cash, and credit to walk away from the company.  For CNBC’s full article, click here. While most of [...]

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