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Julia and the rest of the staff helped me through a very difficult time. They were very empathetic and made the process easy. Great communication throughout the entire process.


Julia was so clutch for me during the most difficult time of my life. She was patient, sympathetic, understanding, provided support but didn’t tell me what to do; simply presented options and guided me through my divorce. She’s incredibly brilliant and flawlessly executes advocating for her clients.


Julia Kirby Stage is absolutely someone I want in my corner. She’s smart, honest, direct, ethical, and kind. It was a true pleasure meeting and working with her.


Tara and her team were great to work with. Always quick to get back to me when I had questions and they really went above and beyond to help me with my case. I would highly recommend Tara.


I worked with Matthew Marcellino and he was very professional and helpful. I kind of rushed my request to him but he managed to prepare everything on time, he also took time to explain everything in a video call before moving forward with the papers.

“I am very grateful for Danielle and her team. They worked thoroughly on my case and were there to answer any questions. Thank you for your kindness during these difficult times.”


Years after I purchased an individual disability policy as part of an overall financial plan that also included investments and life insurance, I experienced unexpected and progressive health conditions that left me unfit to work. When issues arose with my disability insurance policy, I needed seasoned, strong, understanding and responsive legal representation. I found this at Marcellino & Tyson where Bryan Tyson and Hannah Auckland concentrate in disability law. They understand how disability insurance companies operate. I highly recommend Hannah Auckland and Bryan Tyson to anyone having issues with a long term disability insurance company. They understand what their clients are going through, they keep clients informed throughout the legal process, and they work hard for their clients.

Joe H

I am grateful for all the family law help that Jennifer Moore, Andria Marquez, and Kristin Wright gave me over the past year. They were the stable influence I needed during an otherwise tumultuous time—the voice of reason. Their wealth of experience in family law makes them stand out as one of the best legal practices in Charlotte. Throughout the process, I truly felt like they understood everything I was experiencing and feeling and made it all better by giving me a better perspective—and hope that there is a manageable way forward. I fully recommend this firm, and specifically recommend this dynamic trio of very capable professionals.

Glen R.

Danielle Walle has been so helpful and responsive! As a newly single mom of 2, I’ve struggled with getting the answers I needed from an appropriate source. She has been a godsend!!!

Stephanie M.

Danielle Walle is a well-respected family law attorney. I feel confident in referring my own clients to her because I know she will do everything she can for each client that she has. Some attorneys are more comfortable handling mediations, and others favor going to court. Danielle is the rare attorney that can handle both with ease.

Cassandra S.

I have been working with Julia Stage for several years. She is very professional and a great lawyer. Everyone was so nice and helpful at the the office as well.

Jennifer K.

Concise and Compassionate

During a difficult time I needed legal counsel and advice on several matters, including some that were already concluded or in place. Fortunately, Jennifer Moore plead my case(s), reduced my financial burdens, and enhanced and streamlined my order(s) as such to benefit all parties. Her dedication, procedural knowledge, court room demeanor, coupled with her diligence and moral center exceeded my expectations. A keen ability to read into an opposing attorney’s strategy (even during examination/court) is another key asset Jennifer wielded, and proved our case.

Unfortunately there is not enough that I can say to properly distinguish Jennifer Moore adequately here. Simply, she is the finest attorney I have worked with in the last 25 years. She is open, concise, compassionate, ethical, and willing to examine deeply to achieve success.

Satisfied Former Client

Very Responsive

I am a small business owner and have had to deal with legal issues both personally and professionally regarding individuals, corporations, and government entities. Bryan has helped me with a wide range of legal issues, from details of employment law (including unemployment claims), employee benefits (for my company and for me personally), corporate tax issues, and litigation matters. Bryan is very responsive and while he certainly knows the legal aspects of matters, he’s also excellent at the practical aspects of law – his advice and guidance helped me to achieve my goals for my business and for myself. I very much appreciate his help!

Satisfied Former Client

Very Professional

Matthew T. Marcellino has shown a very professional and assertive approach since the first appointment, on the phone and from the other side of the world. He did not create any easy and false expectation. He prospected us how he would handle the case, why he wanted to follow that way and what would the best and realistic results be respectively. And the time was against us. We achieved what we factually proved to be truthful within the frame of law he proved to master; and for this he has our sincere moral reward for life.

Satisfied Former Client


I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Marcellino . He is truly dedicated to his clients he always took time out for me and my case and always helped me figure out my best options. I would recommend him he is honest and will definitely help solve whatever legal issue you may have.

Satisfied Former Client

Hard to Find

It can be hard to find a good Lawyer like Mr. Tyson, but he was perfect in every way. He reviewed all of my notes and pulled them together so we could go to mediation. During mediation he was very knowledgeable and did not let the opposing side get the best of us.
If I had a question and emailed or called Mr. Tyson he would get right back to me. This case was very emotional for me, but he got me through it with very good results. Mr. Tyson was very smart not only about our case but about the Law.

I am so happy my associate recommended Mr. Tyson since he was the best. The best part is I knew I could trust him which is not the case with some lawyers I would highly recommend him if you want great results for yourself. I would hire him again for all the Law he practices.

Satisfied Former Client

Extremely Knowledgeable

Mr. Marcellino was exceptional! He provided all the necessary groundwork before my very first court date. Because of this, I was able to get above and beyond what I asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and has a desire to truly help people. I am forever grateful for all he has done in order to ensure the safety of my daughter.

Satisfied Former Client

No Complications

My husband and I hired this talented team of attorneys to guide us through the Permanent Resident/Green Card process. They made a daunting process, simple and painless. Matt and his team filed all our documentation, followed up, and prepared us for our interview. The timeline was short and most importantly, my husband received his green card with no complications. We absolutely recommend Marcellino & Tyson.

Satisfied Former Client

Saved Relationship

Just over four years ago I found myself in a civil matter with my ex spouse that lead me to believe there was no light at the end. I was fighting to see my son and be able to keep a roof over my head at the same time. While living in Orlando FL, Matt put forth the effort and gave the time to help me in a way that I could never have expected. I owe the relationship that I have with my son now in most part to what Matt was able to help me accomplish.

Satisfied Former Client

Best Interest at Heart

I worked with Matthew Marcellino at a very crucial time in my life. I was young, scared, and fighting for custody of my little girl. Matthew was confident and eased my mind. He is a down to earth straight shooter and I always knew he had my best interest at heart. I am grateful for all his time and will definitely use him again if the need ever arises!

Satisfied Former Client

Exceptional Knowledge

Trustworthy, Dedicated, Efficient, and Genuine! All words to describe Mr. Marcellino and his staff of professionals. He made a difficult situation more tolerable with his exceptional knowledge of family law. I am very thankful he was on my team.

Satisfied Former Client

Straight Shooter

I had a difficult ERISA case that wasn’t going to net a large amount of money, but Bryan knew that I was in the right and went to bat for me without any hesitation. He walked me through the steps that were needed to be taken and was able to settle my case in a short amount of time and for more money than I would have expected. It is great to work with a lawyer that is a straight shooter and explained why we needed to follow a certain path to have the best success. I would confidently send anyone that I know to this law firm.

Satisfied Former Client

Confident and Well-prepared

After exhausting the appeal process on my own to reinstate my Long-Term Disability benefits with the insurance carrier, I turned to Bryan Tyson for help. After our initial meeting, I knew that I had chosen the right attorney. Bryan was methodical in his approach, explained why each step was necessary, and nothing was done without discussion, my input, and approval. In less than 6 weeks from when the insurance company was served with the lawsuit, my case settled through mediation! It was during mediation that I gained even more respect for Bryan. He was confident and well-prepared; the amount of research that he did “behind the scenes” was truly impressive. Bryan is a man of integrity who, through this process, also taught me a valuable lesson of patience … and good things really do come to those who wait.

Satisfied Former Client

Highly Recommended

Matthew Marcellino guided my wife and I through a complicated green card application. I am thrilled to say I received my 10 year card much quicker than anticipated and I am on the path to citizenship. I was very impressed with Matthew and his personal commitment to my case.

Satisfied Former Client

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