Dealing with custody is never easy, and when your thoughts on raising a child don’t align with the other parent, it can become a nightmare. Thankfully, you don’t have to go to court for everything, there’s someone who can aid you.

When it comes down to parents who aren’t getting along or are having a particularly nasty divorce and high-conflict custody case, a Parenting Coordinator is often appointed to help couples mediate. Parenting coordinators can serve you in a multitude of ways, from assisting parents on the healthcare management of their children to agreeing on how to discipline across households.

In this episode hosted by Marcellino & Tyson Business Development Director Maegen Becker, Attorneys Jennifer Moore and Danielle Walle talk about their experiences as Parenting Coordinators and offer examples of situations they have encountered in their work.

Not seeing your child every day is painful, and not agreeing with how your ex-partner is raising them can create a whole host of issues and resentment. That emotion coupled with the pain of divorce can make many parents resistant to working with a third-party. However, both Jennifer and Danielle hammer home that they always hope a Parenting Coordinator is temporary — a guide to a healthier bridge between households.
So have a listen and see if a Parenting Coordinator can benefit you and your child.

Featured Attorney Name:  Jennifer Moore
What she does: As a Partner at Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, Jennifer has a passion for family law that stems from personal experience. As the child of divorced parents, she understands the struggles better than anyone. She also knows how to delicately handle family law so everyone comes out stronger and happier.
Words of wisdom: “[T]he PC … can really dig into who these people are, what this child needs, and what makes the most sense and come up with some detailed rules and boundaries and choices for these people to help reduce the conflict and really do something applicable just to them.”

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Featured Attorney Name: Danielle Walle 
What she does: As an Associate Attorney at Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, Danielle knows what it takes to resolve high-conflict custody cases. Her experience and accolades give her the upper hand when it comes to mediation and settlement, and always working in the best interest of the child.
Words of wisdom: “It’s about how do you balance the law and what the law says you need to do with the interpersonal relationship between a mother and a father who are trying to co-parent but don’t get along and don’t trust one another.”

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Key Points Top takeaways from this episode of Protect What’s Yours  
➔   Parenting Coordinators are a key service and role in family law.  Not only are they highly skilled and properly trained in both law and mental health, but Parenting Coordinators offer ex-partners the ability to mitigate further frustration of an already difficult situation.

➔   High-conflict custody cases almost always need a PC. When it comes to ex-partners distrusting one another, divorce proceedings involving children can become very abusive. Parenting coordinators are needed to help these parents work past their distrust of one another for the benefit of their child.

➔   There are lots of reasons for a PC. Parenting Coordinators can help parents in many ways, from changing transition times to helping facilitate which school a child will attend to making diet choices. Overall, they are there to facilitate communication where none is…