Something isn’t right. You’re not feeling like yourself and your body is screaming for help. Finally, you decide it’s time to visit your primary care doctor. Your fever, aches and pains are diagnosed as a simple cold. However, weeks go by, you’ve completed the full dosage of medication, yet something still isn’t right. You are the only one who knows what is going on in your body, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to find the right specialist to get to the heart of the problem.

Medical Disability ClaimSuper Bowl MVP Nick Foles’ wife, Tori, was initially diagnosed with a virus. Weeks after, she still found herself dizzy and occasionally, unable to leave her bed. She visited a cardiologist and was asked if she had ever considered being depressed or overly anxious because the rest of her body seemed perfectly healthy. Insisting that was not the problem, Tori returned to that same doctor and demanded further testing. After examining her vitals sitting down, the doctor then took them as soon as she stood up. Her heart rate increased by 40BMP and her diagnosis was almost immediate—POTS.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is diagnosed when the heart rate increases over 30BMP or more from the lying down to the standing position, within 10 minutes or less. After the additional testing, it took less than one minute for her doctor to make the connection. At that point, Tori and Nick had been searching for a diagnosis for 6 weeks.

Tori recognizes she was amongst the lucky ones, as many POTS cases go undiagnosed for sometimes years. Vanderbilt conducted the largest survey on POTS to date, revealing that of the 4,178 patients, more than 75% were asked about their psychological health, much like Tori, and were treated for a mental health disorder before receiving proper diagnosis.

At Marcellino & Tyson, we understand it can take weeks, months, even years to get the proper medical diagnosis. Between second opinions, mis-diagnosis, and battling with insurance companies, being sick takes a lot of paperwork. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in health and disability insurance and can work to get you the most out of your plans. In a one-hour, free consultation, we will be able to provide insight to your policy and suggestions as to how we can help you so that you can focus on getting better.

Depending on your illness and symptoms, you may need to apply for short or long-term disability. Insurance policies are purposefully drafted on confusing terms. We are here to clear any misconceptions, help get the benefits you deserve, and protect what’s yours! Consider scheduling a consultation with one of our attorneys today by filling our intake form here.

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