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If you are struggling with debt that you can’t pay off, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer. Chapter 7 eliminates most unsecured debts from things like credit cards, medical bills, bank loans, finance loans, pay day loans, credit union loans, and more. It can help you get rid of unsecured debts remaining after filing for divorce, debts left from a failed business, personal guarantees, trade debts, and even certain income tax debts. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney at Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC can help you assess your situation and determine what your best course of action is to stop creditors from calling and get you out of debt.

As soon as you file bankruptcy, the court will immediately order an automatic stay that requires your creditors to stop communicating with you and halt all collection actions. Creditors know that if they do not comply, they can be met with severe punishments. Many people believe that filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will result in them losing everything they own in order to get out of debt. This is simply not ture. Most of our clients keep all the property they want to keep. Bankruptcy provides protections called “exemptions” for a lot of property. A big part of our process is properly valuing your property and helping you understand how to use exemptions to provide you with the maximum value.

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Why Do You Need a
Chapter 7 Attorney?

• A bankruptcy attorney can help you determine if Chapter 7 is the right option for you, or if there are other alternatives outside of bankruptcy to relieve your debt
• They will perform a full assessment of your financial situation in order to determine your potential options and outcomes
• An attorney can help you organize your financial documents, value property, and choose exemptions
• Your attorney will complete schedules and other complex paperwork involved with filing Chapter 7
• They will advise and represent you throughout the process so that you are always informed and spoken for

Get Professional Help With Filing Chapter 7

Almost everyone is qualified to file for bankruptcy, unless you’ve filed bankruptcy before. If that’s the case, there may be some limits on your ability to file right now. We guarantee that we will not file a bankruptcy case that the bankruptcy court will not accept, as long as you are 100% honest with us when you tell us about your financial situation. If we file your case and it is rejected because we made a mistake, we’ll file your case again for free.

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