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In today’s evolving business law environment, it is critical for companies to maintain solid employment relationships with their employees while protecting the company from the risks involved when employees leave the company. At Marcellino & Tyson, our lawyers are skilled at helping businesses of all sizes protect themselves through Charlotte employee contracts and non-compete agreements.

When employees leave a company, the knowledge and client contacts they take with them can have crippling effects on a company. Charlotte employee contracts that protect company confidential information and client relationships are imperative. While many companies often see these contracts as simple and generic, in reality, North Carolina state business law can greatly impact whether these contracts are enforceable. Companies often believe they are protected, when they are actually exposed to significant risk if an employee were to leave and take clients, co-workers and confidential information with them.

At Marcellino & Tyson, lawyers review existing Charlotte employee and non-compete agreements to ensure that your company is protected and draft new agreements, tailored to your business needs, to safeguard your company from the potentially disastrous consequences when an employee leaves your company.

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