Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation

Life can be complicated. Things don’t always go your way and sometimes it feels like too much. The situation you find yourself in now feels like quicksand and any move could be the wrong one. Figuring out your options and choosing the right path is what we are best at. We are here to empower you and safeguard your assets while maintaining respect and control in your life. Your situation is temporary and a good future lies ahead. We are here to get you back on firm ground and protect what is yours.

Whatever you are up against, we can help. Our experienced Charlotte civil litigation attorneys at Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC have represented thousands of clients facing a wide range of legal issues from Non-Compete Agreements to contract and land disputes to motor vehicle accidents. We provide smart and effective legal solutions to better protect our clients’ future. Our Charlotte Civil Litigation Attorneys are fully prepared for courtroom litigation, but also recognize the importance of entertaining negotiation. Client satisfaction is our priority. Most of our clients come to us through personal referrals who are familiar with our work. We have successfully resolved hundreds of federal and state cases involving complex civil litigation issues, such as:

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Marcellion and Tyson has developed a network of legal professionals, skilled investigators and expert witnesses whom we work with whenever necessary. We recognize that cost may be a factor in your case. Therefore, if needed, we can develop a cost efficient strategy that is still driven by the results our clients seek. Contact us to arrange your confidential meeting. Our Charlotte civil litigation attorneys will take time to listen to your specific circumstances before outlining the legal process, your possible options and probable outcomes.

Extremely Knowledgeable

Mr. Marcellino was exceptional! He provided all the necessary groundwork before my very first court date. Because of this, I was able to get above and beyond what I asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and has a desire to truly help people. I am forever grateful for all he has done in order to ensure the safety of my daughter.

Recent Verdict

In 2014, after two full days of trial and nearly 1.5 years of litigation, the Mecklenburg County District Court Judge entered a Court Order in our client’s favor requiring that his son, the minor child, remain with our client in the State of North Carolina. The mother had relocated to Alabama to live with her husband and other children. The mother was seeking for the Court to enter an Order requiring that the child relocate with her to Alabama, over our client’s objections. This was an amazing outcome for our client.

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