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When a North Carolina insurance dispute arises over whether or not a claim is being handled properly by an insurance policy, you’ll need an insurance dispute lawyer with experience handling this unique area of law. Our attorneys have experience in fighting against insurance companies.  Specifically, attorney and founding partner Matthew Marcellino began his career representing insurance companies in Charlotte.  You will find that our attorneys are skilled in matters of insurance disputes.  Our practice represents individuals who are disabled or being taken advantage of by insurance agencies or large corporations.

There are many different types of insurance and many types of insurance disputes, whether it be ERISA, life insurance, car insurance, homeowners or renters insurance. No matter the type of insurance or dispute, all of them have one similar effect on our clients and that is injustice.  You purchased an insurance policy and made all the payments.  Now the insurance company wants to deny your claim and leave you high and dry.  You did what you were supposed to do, why won’t they?

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