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Construction Liens; Get What You Are Owed!

Labor and Materialmen’s Liens (also called construction, mechanic’s, supplier’s, and contractor’s liens) are legal claims made by contractors, subcontractors, and other construction professionals when they are not properly compensated for a project. When a payment specified by a construction contract is not made accordingly, construction professionals may file a claim of lien against the real estate where the project took place. This is often an effective way for them to secure the debt they are owed. Basically, it is a way to hold the owner of the property responsible for the debt you are owed. If a claim of lien is successfully filed, the contractor then releases their interest in the property, clearing the owner’s title.

If you are considering filing a claim of lien, you need to act fast. North Carolina state law requires you to file within 120 days of completing the project. We can help ensure that you get paid what you deserve! Contact us today for more information.

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