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Short Term Disability insurance pays a percentage of your salary if you become disabled, meaning that you are not able to work due to sickness or injury. Short Term Disability is usually the only available benefit when you first go out of work. If you have short-term disability insurance, usually you need to apply for it, even if your disability is going to be long-term.

Why is Short Term Disability so important? Simply put, you usually have to exhaust your Short-Term Disability benefits in order to qualify for Long Term Disability benefits. When short-term disability insurance claims are denied, there can be serious implications for your long-term disability claim. For this reason, it is very important to ensure the successful filing and completion of the short-term disability claim.

Employers provide employees with short-term disability insurance benefits if they are injured or become ill and cannot work. In many cases, the employer is “self-insured” for short-term disability – that is, the company itself pays any short disability claims for its employees. Other companies purchase short-term disability insurance policies for their employees.

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The short-term disability programs are almost always administered by a long-term disability insurance company. Why is this the case? Because Short Term Disability is cheaper for employers to pay if they can reduce their loss. By managing the short-term disability claims, the insurance company can:

  • Keep an eye on big claims that may be coming in the future,
  • Gather information on a short-term claim in preparation to deny a long-term claim, and
  • Prevent a long-term disability claim from occurring altogether by short-circuiting a short-term claim.

Do not overlook the importance of Short Term Disability. Remember, this is your policy, your rights and your benefits. Let us help you protect what’s yours.

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