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You are a loving parent and spouse, a supportive little league coach, expert pumpkin carver, amazing baker and work hard in your professional and personal life.

You’ve built a family and a life with your spouse and have acquired valuable things together, like your home, investments, pets, and mementos. Despite trying your best and having good intentions, sometimes things fall apart. Now there are lots of possible pitfalls and things to consider ahead. We see you. We know you and the Charlotte family lawyers at Marcellino & Tyson are here to help you protect what’s yours so you can get back to your best self.

Time is of the essence when dealing with family law. Matters of family and domestic law are often the most personal and emotional areas of law that we practice. Family law issues can take a huge toll on your life and affect not only you but also the lives of those around you, including your children. The representation you select will directly impact the outcome of your case and be a factor in your life, and possibly that of your children’s lives, thereafter.

You should take every necessary step, which includes retaining a Charlotte family lawyer, to safeguard your future. Our commitment is to make your day and life better with every interaction. Beginning your first consultation we want to make you feel at ease while providing you with professional and proactive representation in many areas of family law, including:

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Collaborative Law
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Simple Divorce
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Child Custody & Visitation
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Domestic Violence & Protective Orders
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Child Support
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Separation Agreements
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Equitable Distribution
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Alimony & Post-Separation Support
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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
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Family law matters are very personal. As a result, your judgment and rational thinking may be affected by your emotions. This is very common in our line of work. However, it’s wise to hire an attorney to aggressively represent your position, but to also keep you grounded in order to make rational decisions to protect your future. As Charlotte family lawyers, we will guide you through these tough times and allow you to make the best decision for yourself and your family. Interested in our guidance through tough family conflicts? Contact us

Extremely Knowledgeable

Mr. Marcellino was exceptional! He provided all the necessary groundwork before my very first court date. Because of this, I was able to get above and beyond what I asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate and has a desire to truly help people. I am forever grateful for all he has done in order to ensure the safety of my daughter.

Recent Verdict

In 2014, after two full days of trial and nearly 1.5 years of litigation, the Mecklenburg County District Court Judge entered a Court Order in our client’s favor requiring that his son, the minor child, remain with our client in the State of North Carolina. The mother had relocated to Alabama to live with her husband and other children. The mother was seeking for the Court to enter an Order requiring that the child relocate with her to Alabama, over our client’s objections. This was an amazing outcome for our client.

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