Collaborative Law


Collaborative Law

You and your spouse need to legally redefine your relationship, but don’t think going to court is necessary. While litigating a Family Law matter may be the best route for some clients, we can often assist our clients by less adversarial means. Collaborative Family and Divorce Law is a no-court alternative to separation and divorce. Each spouse, with the assistance of their specially-trained attorneys and other potential collaborative professionals, participate in structured meetings designed to provide a safe and respectful setting to discuss and resolve their issues. These “four-way meetings” are less threatening than a courtroom and allow each spouse to ensure their voice is heard and the issues they feel to be most important are addressed.

As your Collaborative Family Law attorney in Charlotte, we will act not only as your advocate and advisor, but also as your communication and negotiation coach. We will assist you by focusing on effectively exchanging information, understanding your concerns as well as those of your spouse, exploring a wide range of options, and creatively arriving at resolutions to all issues that are right for you and your spouse. Our goal is to ensure the agreement reached is best for you and your family.

Family law matters are very personal. As a result, your judgment and rational thinking may be affected by your emotions. This is very common and normal in our line of work. However, it’s wise to hire an experienced Charlotte area collaborative lawyer to aggressively represent your position, but to also keep you grounded in order to make rational decisions to protect your future. As family law attorneys, we will guide you through these tough times and allow you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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