Masters Party

Marcellino & Tyson is again making it a tradition to catch up with friends, colleagues and professionals in the area. Given our managing partners’ love for golf, our semi-annual Masters Party is an easy theme to recycle every year. We recently hosted our second annual Masters Party where we take a brief step away from our busy schedule, watch this prestigious tournament, and reconnect with friends and colleagues.

Although this is a fun social event, we also take advantage of the moment to gather donations for local nonprofits. This year we raised awareness and donations for the Holy Angels. This charity organization focuses on improving quality of life for both children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. It is a full service facility that goes above and beyond basic care. Holy Angels houses around 80 residents ranging from infancy to adulthood. The organization plans enrichment activities for everyone, and gives its more independent residents the opportunity to go on field trips, or work at Cherubs, a café local to Belmont, NC. It is a great organization and we were honored to be a part of their mission this year.

The Masters Party included some amazing food and great company, and our partners, Matthew Marcellino & Bryan Tyson are very excited to continue the tradition next year. And congratulations to Danny Willet, the winner of the 2016 Masters Tournament!