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  • Alienation of Affection

Alienation of Affection in North Carolina – Infidelity and Criminal Conversation

A recent story broke putting ‘alienation of affection’ back at the top of Google’s search list. On July 26, 2018, a jury awarded Durham, North Carolina resident Keith King $8.8 million in damages. The bill [...]

  • Medical Disability Claim

Medical Diagnosis Keep Getting Delayed? Unfamiliar with Your Employer’s Disability Policy? We Can Help!

Something isn’t right. You’re not feeling like yourself and your body is screaming for help. Finally, you decide it’s time to visit your primary care doctor. Your fever, aches and pains are diagnosed as a [...]

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A quick guide to alimony in North Carolina

Mention the word and people often associate alimony with dollars and a complicated process. Who pays and what is it going to cost me? How much will I receive and how is it calculated? Alimony [...]

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