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  • Jennifer Moore, Board Certified Specialist

My Attorney is a Board-Certified Specialist – What Does That Even Mean?

During the search for an attorney, you have probably found yourself wondering who specializes in the practice area about which you’re inquiring. Most people don’t know this, but it turns out that using the word [...]

  • Alimony Claims

3 reasons you need to deal with your alimony claims NOW (2018!)

Tax law changes going into effect after 2018 will likely reduce the amount of alimony you receive (if you’re the recipient), or cost you more in alimony (if you’re the payor). Because of crowded court [...]

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A quick guide to alimony in North Carolina

Mention the word and people often associate alimony with dollars and a complicated process. Who pays and what is it going to cost me? How much will I receive and how is it calculated? Alimony [...]

What is ERISA, and what does it do?

What is ERISA? “ERISA” — or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act—is a law that regulates most of the benefits that you receive through your employment. For example, if your employer provides you a disability [...]

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